you know that feeling you get when your computer crashes? I hate that feeling.

Posted on March 5, 2011


Backing up the files on my computer has been on my to do list…..since 2009.

I wish that were a joke.  Really though, it’s sad.

Maybe I’ll finally get around to it now that I can back it up on a cloud. (Doesn’t that sound so cool?)

We talked about this a bit in class but I didn’t really consider it a realistic option for myself because I’m horrible with anything concerning internet/technology knowledge. I didn’t realize how much sense it made, even for me, until reading an article in the NYT called  “Storing Your Files Inside the Cloud.”  It explains a new way of backing up data to remote computers (the “cloud”)  instead of external hard drives.

Pros to backing up your data this way include the ability to access your files from any computer that has an internet connection. Some providers, like Carbonite, allow users to access their files on their smartphones through an app. It is also useful to have files backed up this way since external hard drives are not invincible when it comes to things like water damage or fires. Some providers also send customers a backup disk containing uploaded files in the mail, just as a reenforcement. There are also a variety of options in terms of pricing and specific features, although one universal feature each company seems to boast about is the security involved.

Slow broadband speeds make for a lengthy first back up and depending on the size of your hard drive, the project could take several weeks to complete. After the initial back up, things get easier.

 Kudos to you people who have already backed up, whether it be to a cloud or to a good ol’ fashioned external hard drive. Reading this article has given me a necessary wake up call; I should have backed up my things last year when  my computer crashed. Since it was relatively new, I was lucky and didn’t lose much.  I can’t say I would handle the same thing happening now with such calm..So I’m going to do it. I’m going to research a bit and then finally, two years after realizing I need to do it,  I’m going to back up my files. 

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