the Royal Channel

Posted on April 25, 2011


Prince William and Catherine Middleton will wed at Westminster Abbey this Friday—a royal wedding! I have to admit, I’m one of the many people across the globe who have been following the coverage leading up to the event with great excitement.

Even though  I’m still checking the mailbox everyday and waiting for my invite, I was glad to learn that Youtube will be streaming the event live!

The wedding, which will stream live on the  Royal Family’s Youtube channel (the Royal Channel), is expected to break records due to the large number of viewers who will be tuning in.

In Journalism classes we learn about how newspapers are for providing context and in-depth information while television is about a shared experience. This streamed event will be just that—people from all over the world will be sharing the experience. Many people who remember watching Princess Diana’s wedding say they will never forget it. My own mom remembers watching it on television along with the rest of my family.

Well-wishers are also expected to use Facebook and Twitter to comment on and share the experience. While the wedding is not exactly the most news worthy event, because of the amount of hype and interest surrounding it, it will surely be covered on all major media outlets. This event just shows how people use social media to digest major events that occur—whether it be a natural disaster, protests over the economy or a special occasion, people will flock to social media sites to further enrich their shared experiences.

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