new parking app? seems a litte ironic, doesn’t it?

Posted on May 9, 2011


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Drivers are constantly reminded not to text while drive. We now learn this in driver’s ed, we hear on the news about studies conducted that make texting and driving worse than drunk driving, we read about teenagers who die in car accidents, with their families later discovering that they may have been texting. There are public service announcements on TV urging drivers not to use their cell phones.

But at the same time….

The city of San Francisco has spent $20 million dollars creating SFpark, which it refers to as a “parking project.” It is a smart phone application that allows users to quickly scan areas of the city for open parking spots. Wireless sensors on streets and parking garages make for a very accurate picture of parking in the city–when a spot clears up, it is shown as open within seconds.

A source quoted in the article states the obvious: the app could be horribly distracting and essentially, disastrous. Most of the parking areas that are packed and crowded are in areas of heavy auto/pedestrian traffic.

While I really do sympathize with people trying to find parking spots in busy cities–I have enough trouble finding a spot on campus–I think this is just a silly idea. \Those who helped create SFpark say they urge drivers to pull over and use the app, but let’s be realistic here-that will rarely be the case. How can the society as a whole push the idea of safe driving with as few distractions as possible, and then just like that the actual government within the city gives people a reason to look at their phones while driving? It’s a little ridiculous.

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