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Posted on May 9, 2011



Pandora radio is a completely different music experience, in my opinion. I love Pandora for so many reasons–I like that I can leave it on while I do homework without having to worry about annoying long ads like on the actual radio, and that I don’t have to keep clicking away from my homework or putting my book down in order to click a different song I want to listen to; instead I can focus while Pandora does the work. I also discover so many great artists and songs that are unknown to me by using the online radio service.

Pandora radio even has a popular smart phone application. So what else could make the service even better? How about watching Jerry Seinfeld on Pandora? Genius, in my opinion. Pandora is set to offer comedy bits by Seinfeld, George Carlin, Joan Rivers, Chris Rock and more epic talent on their website this week.

Using a system similar to the one it uses to predict what songs a listener will like based on an initial selection, Pandora identified common themes and traits in jokes and comedians that will now be used to connect various acts.

The comedy “tracks” on Pandora range from between 3 and 6 minutes, and like the radio service, it will primarily be supported through ads. Users will also be able to pay for an ad-free version, like the radio service.

I think it’s smart of Pandora to use the sam business model for it’s already successful music search. Although the Pandora company is still reporting losses, they are getting smaller and smaller. As mentioned earlier, the successful smart phone apps have helped increase revenue.

I predict this will be a huge success. People are always looking for a good laugh, and Pandora will be even more popular as people have more reasons to go to their site.  Especially considering the big names who will be features, I think many fans  will be interested in seeing which other comedians their favorites will be linked to.

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Bill Cosby's comedy will be featured

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