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Pandora Radio…LOL

May 9, 2011


Pandora radio is a completely different music experience, in my opinion. I love Pandora for so many reasons–I like that I can leave it on while I do homework without having to worry about annoying long ads like on the actual radio, and that I don’t have to keep clicking away from my homework or […]

Japan Coverage-GlobalVoices

March 21, 2011


It has been just over a week since an earthquake—ranked 8.9 on the Richter scale— and resulting tsunami tore through Japan. The media has been devoting a great deal of coverage to this story, which is obviously an important one considering the rising death toll, extensive destruction, and nuclear emergency that resulted from this natural […]

you know that feeling you get when your computer crashes? I hate that feeling.

March 5, 2011


Backing up the files on my computer has been on my to do list…..since 2009. I wish that were a joke.  Really though, it’s sad. Maybe I’ll finally get around to it now that I can back it up on a cloud. (Doesn’t that sound so cool?) We talked about this a bit in class […]

cell phone cameras, my bangs and Mubarak’s departure

February 22, 2011


One feature of my cell phone that I rarely utilize is the camera. Aside from using it to take a picture of my car drowning in several feet of snow, the only other time I can remember using it in recent weeks occurred while flipping through magazines—I snapped a picture of a hairstyle I want […]

The Daily….iPad not required?

February 5, 2011


                                         Having followed the buzz surrounding The Daily—Rupert Murdoch’s daily news app released just two days ago—I felt a little out of the loop. It is, after all, the first publication to cater exclusively to those with iPads. As someone who happily does not own an iPad (I just bought my first smart phone a […]